Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Livingstone, Trams and Peckham

Earlier this month, serf blogged about the failed tram plans from TfL. Well today I've heard of a similar story, but this time it's in Peckham, an area which has rightly seen substantial regeneration investment during the last few years. It appears that Livingstone wants to allow a large area of Peckham’s town centre to be blighted by plans for a Tram Depot on it.

The Depot would form part of the Cross River Tram, which has already cost around £25m. What doesn't make sense is why Livingstone wants to have the tram depot in the middle of a town centre. Croydon, which already has trams, has sensibly located it's depot outside the town centre.

There's now growing opposition to Livignstone's proposals locally which is calling for full public review of the plans. The question is what Livingstone and his TfL politiburo will do. Listen to the locals or whatever he wants with his new "strategic" powers? You know what they say about asking a silly question!

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