Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cameron attacks Livingstone

Words of wisdom from the Conservative Party leader.
Tory leader David Cameron has attacked the mayor of London as an "ageing far left politician" hanging onto outdated notions about ethnic minorities. He said Ken Livingstone preferred to see them as "potential agents of revolutionary change" rather than as equals who just wanted a better life.
David Cameron often infuriates me, but this is a perfect summing up of Ken Livingstone's views on race. He sees racism as a good thing and wants to put people into victim groups, because it furthers his cause. Mr Cameron's view is far better.
He added that they should be seen as "full and equal citizens who would rather build a better life for themselves and their families than man the barricades at the behest of middle class white fantasists".
He has Ken bang to rights.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Keep The Red Flag Flying

We thought that maybe he'd left those crazy days behind him, but apparently not.
LEFTIE London Mayor Ken Livingstone has launched an astonishing anti-US rant while sunning himself in Cuba.

He praised communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro and denounced President Bush. And he claimed Cuba had “been able to give its people the best standard of health care, brilliant education”, despite an “illegal economic blockade by the US”. America has called for free elections in Cuba since the 1959 Castro-led revolution, and imposed a trade embargo in 1962.
Those evil Americans, fancy calling for free elections. They'll be asking for freedom of speech next, and we can't have that can we.

Ken is Stood Up

Poor Ken must be heart broken, his hero Hugo has dropped out of their date.

From This Sceptered Isle:

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friend of Terrorists

I had this story brought to my attention by a commenter, but thanks to the incredibly poor way in which the BBC reported it, I misunderstood. The BBC seemed to suggest that Ken was unaware of Mohammed Kamel Mostafa's links to terrorism. However, this was not the case as we see here.
Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, 25, from Wembley, was given a security pass and had access to restricted areas - including tunnels under Parliament - during his time as a labourer at nights and weekends on the Underground. But the Mayor said he doubted the veracity of any conviction from Yemen and said Mostafa had passed Tube security checks.
So the man with personal responsibility for the safety of those travelling on London's public transport, didn't think it important that he had a conviction for terrorism offences. Why? because he doubts Yemen's legal system. He later changed h,is mind when he realised how it was going to be reported.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Priorities, Priorities

What does Mr Livingstone think his job is? When he is not worrying about South America, he wants to be the Green Movement's version of Stalin:
Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, is these days possessed of one great idea. Climate change, and how to avert it, consumes him. It now informs all his decisions on transport. It is top of his agenda for social housing and new building developments.
So the long distant threat of climate change, is more important to him than the everyday worries of Londoners. We should be thankful that he is only Mayor.
As mayor, he has one arm tied behind his back, he says. If it were up to him, he says he would legislate against almost anything that adds to the problem. He would ban inefficient light bulbs, bang on carbon taxes, and massively increase the cost of air fares.
Thats nicely liberal of him. Not that any of it would effect him:
Meanwhile, Livingstone has been to the US to link with other world cities to share knowledge on reducing emissions, and to China to see the beginning of the world's first major eco-city.
No doubt he would have still gone if the ticket price had been twice as much. After all he's not paying, we are.

Londoners are worried about public transport, traffic, crime and their local environment. Its not the mayor's job to tell them that their priorities are wrong and replace them with his own.