Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Caring Mayor

Red Ken like all snivelling lefties loves to wear his artificial heart on his sleeve. He has publicly supported an Amnesty International campaign promoting refugee rights.
Mayor Ken Livingstone, who also features in the campaign, said: "London has always provided a haven for those fleeing from persecution and repression. Generations of refugees have enriched the life of this city.
Very good you say, I should hope so too. The problem is that the man only supports the rights of some people. For example one of the aims of the campaign is women's rights. Artist Tracey Emin:
"I have decided to support the stop violence against women campaign and feel passionately about it because I'm a woman"
Which no doubt Ken would pay lip service to until it came time to meet his friends whose views differed. It should also be pointed out that his South American friends are lacking somewhat on this issue.

But never mind, in Ken's mind the human rights issue is not about people, its all about poisonous Ken's own little battles.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Support For Prezza

When you boast the talents of Ken Livingstone, I guess John Prescott must seem like a silver tongued, sophisticated genius. So of course you will jump to his aid.
Mr Livingstone argued that the underlying issue is class prejudice. "I think so much of the criticism of John Prescott has actually been related to his class. Very few of the people at the top of media or politics now speak like ordinary people," he said.
He is still lost in class warfare. This is why we would be so lucky to be shot of him. He hates people because of their class. He also buys into the ridiculous idea that there is something working class about Two Jags.

To a relatively sentient being whose mind has not been frazzled by Marxism, Prezza is a clear case of an incompetent, lazy parasite long past his sell by date. But then Ken can't accept that can he, it would create a dangerous precedent.

Energy Guzzling Desalination

It seems that Ken is completely green when it comes to desalination. By green I of course mean ignorant, not environmentally concious.
It is possible that Mayor Livingstone might have confused his technologies. Thermal desalination plants work by a kind of distillation process which boils off about a tenth of the seawater passing through, and are most economical when located near cheap sources of gas, such as the US and the Gulf. The plant Thames Water proposes for London would use reverse osmosis technology instead, putting water through membranes to lower its salinity.
It uses some 15% of the energy used by the type of plant that Ken was most probably thinking about.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hiding behind "private confidentiality"

Another of Mayor Ken's quangos has come under fire over its failure to publish it's annual audit reports. The London Development Agency has consistently refused to share its audit reports with GLA members and the wider world as other GLA bodies do. According to Livingstone this has been because of concerns regarding "commerical sensitivity and private confidentiality". In response to a recent question he said that,
for 2006/07, internal audit reports will be drafted in a way which is sensitive to commercial and private confidentiality issues arising from publication, enabling the placing of future internal audit reports on the LDA internet site.
No doubt the reports will be devoid of meaningful material thanks to the brilliantly vague and convenient term "private confidentiality".

Ken's Competition

The Independent is reporting that Mark Oaten might be considering a tilt at Red Ken's job.
Mark Oaten's burgeoning media career has led to speculation that he's planning one of the biggest comebacks since Lazarus. Lib Dem colleagues reckon the "fallen" MP - as protocol requires him to be described - is preparing for a tilt at Ken Livingstone's job.
I know that Ken has set the bar extremely Low, but surely the Lib Dems can find a better candidate than that. Mind you, Mr Oaten is allegedly more interested in being humiliated than in humiliating others. So I guess even he would be an improvement.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

No more exemptions

If you were thinking of spending money on an LPG powered car to get round the Congestion Charge think again. Red Ken has indicated that the future of any Congestion Charge discounts are under review by his quango TfL.

Expect an announcement soon that there are no longer any exemptions from the Congestion Charge.

Our Ostrich Mayor

During the past year Barnet Council has pursued a policy to remove road humps on the basis that they cause of congestion and - more importantly - they cause driver aggravation leading to accidents.

In a report by Transport for London (TfL) it was shown that road accidents had fallen by 14.9% in the first six months of last year, compared to just 8.8% across the rest of the capital. Barnet also achieved a 40% reduction in road accidents four years ahead of a Government target.

When the Mayor was questioned by the Chair of the London Assembly, Brian Coleman about this issue, and the fact that removing (rather than increasing) road humps had produced significantly better results, Livingstone simply ignored the evidence before him and rambled on about how because everyone in London was using roadhumps, Barnet should use them too.

What exactly does it take to make this man admit he might actually be wrong? His own statistics have shown that Barnet have succeeded by not following his route, why does he stick his head in the sand?

Friday, May 26, 2006

How much was that China trip?

The true cost of Ken's trip to China - the one where he justified the "Cultural Revolution" and the killing of 10's of millions people - is as yet unknown. Apparently the Mayor's office is still calculating the exact cost. What I can say is that the known expenditure for the trip currently stands at over £400,000. Yes, you did read that right, thus far we know that Ken spent close to half a million of OUR money visiting China and praising a regime that is guilty of murdering millions of people.

Part of that money - £227,375 to be precise - was paid to the PR agency Freud Communications. This it seems included organising a Girls Aloud concert in Shanghai, a truly brilliant use of the London taxpayers money to be sure! For anyone who's not read The Little Red Book (why not?!) Freud Communications are one of those New Labour "preferred bidders" type companies. The Mayor's office also spent over £120,000 of our money on hotels and other travel expenses.

It's little surprise our Council Tax rises are through the roof when we have to fund Mayoral jaunts and pop concerts in oppressive regimes around the world.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Are They Mad?

London TravelWatch that is.
Brian Cooke, chairman of London TravelWatch, said: "We believe that if we are to achieve a fully integrated transport network in London, the mayor should have more responsibility for rail in London - and we think that the mayor's rail powers should be extended beyond the Greater London Authority boundary, into more natural 'rail geography'.

Not only do they want Red Ken to have power over the Railways in London, they also want him to expand his empire outside the capital.

Sorry Forgive my ignorance, London TravelWatch is not an independent organisation.

London TravelWatch is independent of the transport operators. We are sponsored and funded by the London Assembly, which is part of the Greater London Authority. The Assembly also appoints the members of London TravelWatch, who are supported by professional staff who carry out much of the day-to-day work.
So the news should read:

Ken Livingstone's colleagues, think Ken Livingstone should have more power, which they will then be able to wield on his behalf.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Water insanity - Part III

As I mentioned this morning, the inquiry began today into the de-salination plant in Beckton. The Mayor is vehemently opposed to this citing environmental grounds and that Thames Water should solve their leaks problems instead. Tomorrow, he will reportedly say,
During the 51 days in which Thames Water have prevented Londoners from using a hosepipe at a penalty of a £1000 fine, Thames will themsleves have wasted nearly 50 billion litres of water
It's certainly true that Thames Water leaks masses of water per day which is outrageous and should be addressed. However, does Red Ken have the credibilty - nah, moral authority - to start preaching about unnecessary fines on Londoners? After all, this is the man who's budgets have created record Council Tax increases across the capital (nearly 50% over 4 year in some areas); has increased bus and tube fares so we are now the most expensive capital city in the world to travel in; and is now proposing to increase the congestion charge even more after breaking earlier promises about how he wouldn't.

There is of course one much more important reason why Ken's opposition to the de-salination plant is nonsense. The building of it is, was and remains a fundamental part of the successful 2012 Olympic bid which he supported. The plant is a requirement in ordre to provide guaranteed fresh drinking water to the Olympic village and other facilities.

I imagine that if there wasn't a hosepipe ban and talk of stand-pipes Ken wouldn't be opposing this at all. That should tell you all you need to know about his so-called principles.

Water, water everywhere - Part II

The public inquiry into a desalination plant opposite my house starts today. As my good friend EU_Serf said the other day, Ken had already rejected the idea before the inquiry started on the grounds that such a plant would not be environmentally friendly. Who needs water to survive huh? According to Ken and the Green Party such a plant would
pump out 250,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year but produce a relatively small amount of water.
Note the distinct lack of detail in that statement? A "relatively small amount" might actually mean "quite a lot" but is being compared to an astronomically high figure of equivalent carbon emmission output. That does of course assume that the plant will use fossil fuels for its power, couldn't it just as easily use renewable supplies? Couldn't it even produce some of its own power and thus be semi-self sufficient?

Livingstone's decision to dismiss the plant out of hand is not about environmentalism, it is, to paraphrase David Cameron, fossil fuel approaches in a carbon conscious age. London needs drinking water, I don't hear him offering any other solutions.

Monday, May 22, 2006

More lies from Livingstone

Three years ago, Comrade Ken made a "pledge" in his manifesto that Londoners would not see any rise in the congestion charge from it's then £5 tarriff for 10 years.

Since then the congestion charge has risen to £8, and a couple of weeks ago Ken told the annual State of London debate that it was "very likely" it will rise to £10 by 2008.

What will he lie about next?

Water, Water Everywhere

London has a water shortage, the reasons for which we will not go into here.

Thames Water wants to build a desalination plant. So what does our enlightened mayor say?
Thames Water is appealing against London Mayor Ken Livingstone's decision to turn down the proposal. He claimed the plant would use too much energy.
So next time you look out over your parched lawn and your wilted roses, remember the mayor doesn't care.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

£205 congestion charge inside the M25

Our illustrious Mayor wants to introduce a congestion charge zone covering the entire M25 by 2008, and charge £205 per "high polutting vehicle" per day to enter it. The claim is that it is all about creating "low emission zones".

This is just another example of loony prescriptive insanity from Ken. Not only will it drive businesses out of the London boroughs but it will impact on companies who provide vital transportation services for schools. One coach company in North London is facing ruin due to a £100,000 bill to bring it's coaches in line with the rules. Elaine Scrivens, director of Southgate & Finchley Coaches said,

"At the present time we are in a quandary. We need to update some of the fleet but are unable to go ahead, as, unless we purchase new coaches manufactured in 2006, no other vehicles built before this year will comply....What chance do us coach operators have of surviving this declining industry?"

Even the local Council has voiced serious concerns about the ineffectve and damaging consequences the plans will have,

"The council is concerned that coach operators may find it uneconomic to continue providing school services and this could result in an increase in congestion and pollution associated with the school run if services are withdrawn"

In true style, Ken's Commissariat empire Transport for London have refused to comment about the plans simple stating,

"The consultation on the proposed Low Emission Zone ended on April 24."

In other words - as with most Livingstone "consultations" - tough.

Mao Was a Good Chap

If Chavez doesn't stick in your throat, maybe Mao will. What does our Mayor have to say?

"One thing that Chairman Mao did was to end the appalling foot binding of women," he announced. "That alone justifies the Mao Tse-tung era."
I'm all for women's rights but half of Mao's tens of millions of victims were also women. This is like sticking up for Hitler on the strength of Autoban construction, or Mussolini and railway efficiency. (Also the fact that foot binding was stopped in 1911, should be reasonably relevant to the argument)

Funny that Ken has never stood up for the rights of women when talking about the Middle East.

Hat Tip The Daily Ablution.

Chavez Critic a Terrorist

Ken Livingstone has decided that his poor helpless friend Hugo, needs protection from those evil Bloggers.

Well folks it seems that since Hugo Chavez's officials can't get to me, given that I live in a full fledged democracy where freedom of expression truly exists, Ken Livingstone, his 'social democrat' comrade in London, has taken issue directly with me stating "Aleksander Boyd is a supporter of terrorism against Venezuelan democracy"
Lets just remember that this was the man who said this:
"Given that the Palestinians don't have jet planes, don't have tanks, they only have their bodies to use as weapons,"
Perhaps someone should explain to Red Ken the meaning of the word Terrorism.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flashy offices before services

A new row is brewing around Ken's decision to move Transport for London staff into the tallest and one of the most expensive real estate in the capital. It has transpired that the plan is to occupy office space in still to be completed Shard of Glass building (pictured) at London Bridge station.

To guarantee that the building will go ahead the developers require guaranteed tenants in advance, and the Mayor is taking up space for TfL which he controls. According to todays Evening Standard, rent in the Shard will be £45 per square foot. TfL requires around 300,00 sq ft making a total cost of £13.5 million of London taxpayers money per year. Rent at City Hall is only £31.10 per sq ft in comparison.

Livingstone is trying to claim that he's got a good deal. He told the Standard that it is "impressively attractive", and that no one will be able to run a "story saying we have paid over the odds". However, he and TfL are refusing to reveal the figures and are citing "commercial sensitivity" as the reason... which is convenient.

I expect we'll be returning to this story when the true cost to the London taxpayer is known. You didn't want a decent transport system did you?

Sir Iain Blair

Prior to the teror attacks last July, and the efficient slaying by the police of a complete innocent, the Metropolitan police commissioner was best known as a complete waste of space who cared more for diversity quotas than for crime. Since then we have known him as the lying snivelling idiot whose force made a tragic mistake, and he was too stupid to hold his hands up and say sorry.

Now the police are against him:
Sir Ian Blair, was under growing pressure yesterday as the leader of London's 24,000 beat officers announced they had no confidence in him.
But never mind that the public and the police have no confidence in him, he does have one supporter.
Lee Jasper, a quality spokesman for Ken Livingstone, said: "Sir Ian Blair is doing a first-class job as commissioner."
But then Ken's idea of a first class job might not correspond with ours.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You WILL use Oyster

In a further attempt to force the travelling public to use Ken's oyster cards, ticket offices across the Underground network have had their opening times slashed, and the public has seen fares for paper tickets soar.

According to our sources, Ken has directed TfL and Underground managers, that they must make it harder for the public to purchase tickets, in order to force them onto oyster.

However it's those on the shop floor that feel the brunt of the customers' anger when they can't buy a ticket. Not only this, the ticket office times have to be strictly adhered to, with local managers being penalised for either having their ticket offices opening too early, or staying open later.

Even the commuter train operators are now being forced to take on the oyster equipment, else they face a potential threat to their franchise renewal.

When it comes transport, London is Ken's playground, and he's the school bully. Whether you're a londoner, a tourist or a business you will do everything he dictates.

GLA Tory Leader banned from City Hall

Not only did our illustrious London Mayor entertain a Communist dictator yesterday but he also made sure that the leader of the Conservative Party on the GLA was refused entry to City Hall. Bob Neill, along with a number of Venzuelan dissidents, were refused entry to City Hall on security grounds.

Unsuprisingly, the left wing press have a headline which says the Tories boycotted the event, reality is not mentioned until paragraph six.

So - to summurise - the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, is banning elected political opponents from entering City Hall, whilst he entertains political oppressors from Latin America. How poetic.

Friend of Thugs

Ken Livingstone has an uncanny knack for choosing the worng kind of friends.

The latest is Hugo.
Ken Livingstone has ventured another judgment on international politics: Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, is “a beacon of democracy and social progress in the Latin America”.
To which one has to ask exactly how does Mr Livingstone define those things. Unfortunately rabid rightwingers have been criticising Chavez:
“Chávez’s visit has been met with absurd claims from right-wing activists that he is some kind of dictator,” Livingstone fulminates.
As is usual in the situations, Red Ken points to the election victories and claims his critics are all right wingers:
Among the nefarious right-wingers whom Livingstone castigates are, presumably, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. “By broadening laws that punish disrespect for government authorities, the Venezuelan Government has flouted international human rights principles that protect free expression,” says HRW. In alleging that human rights campaigners are inciting turmoil, Señor Chávez has, says Amnesty, “exposed human rights defenders to serious dangers”.
Accepting their criticisms wouldn't fit Red Kens extremist agenda.

By his choice of friends, Ken is making London look stupid in the eyes of the world.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Anyone But Ken

Welcome to Anyone But Ken, the new blog campaigning against Ken Livingstone. We believe that a great city like London, deserves much more than this vile man as its leader.