Thursday, January 25, 2007

The City that Embraces Globalisation

I read the following press release with a little curiosity.
As with London's other international achievements in the last period, such as winning the Olympic Games, London achieved this success by adopting a strategy of being the city that embraces globalisation.
How can the darling of the extreme left, make such statements? After all this is the man whose best friends are fighting hardest against globalisation, to say nothing of his previous comments:

The Taxpayers Alliance pointed out (Word Doc) that he gave £250.000 of our cash to:

The Forum, an international meeting for anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation groups
When running for mayor, the first time round, he had this to say:
"Global capitalism has been responsible for more deaths than the Second World War"
With Livingstone, the answer is never simple, but I think I have cracked it. When he says globalisation, he means something completely different from you or I:
Democratic Socialists cannot turn their backs on the global economy, but we can, and must, open the debate on how to bring its functioning under democratic control.
Trade is ok, but socialists must control it. Still someone should probably still tell Hugo.

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