Sunday, May 20, 2007

By their friends shall ye know them

From the other side of the pond we hear of the latest sinister antics of Livingstone's good friend, El Presidente Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Like our own unreconstructed Communist in London, Chavez intensely dislikes his opponents having a voice and a platform from which to use it. Democracy is inconvenient like that.

Unlike Livingstone, Chavez is able to use ruthless tactics to suppress the opposition's ability to argue their case and expose failings, human rights abuses and a naked thirst for power. Livingstone is limited to hurling abuse. So Chavez spins the line that all opponents must therefore have been involved in a coup attempt against him and takes draconian steps to silence them by removing the platform.

This time it is the independent TV station RCTV that is about to be silenced as Chavez has refused to renew its licence. Instead he will replace the station with... a publicly funded one - i.e. a government propaganda channel.

Marcel Garnier, RCTV's managing director, told a crowd of cheering protesters in Caracas that Mr Chavez was trying to "topple the country over the precipice of totalitarianism where not even his own supporters can express their opinions".

I could not have put it better myself. I wonder what Livingstone thinks about all this. Perhaps he prefers the "quiet diplomacy" approach of his friends in South Africa and will tell Comrade Hugo that his actions are not really on. Or, most likely, he thinks RCTV has had it coming and deserves all they get for daring to oppose such a visionary. Either way, there will be hugs, backslapping and tributes next time they meet - assuming Hugo is not too busy that is.


Alex Fear said...

To be fair, Red Ken is halfway there with his pitiful excuse for a free newspaper, 'The Londoner'.

It's a 3rd rate Metro and every article beings with "The Mayor of London is brilliant and has once again pulled another bouquet out of his arse..." or something like that.

I hate having to recieve this propaganda paper, and I hate that I have to pay for it!

routemastersikh said...

ever tried writing to the Londoner I tried writing to it complaining about the ghastly dehumanised morons beloved cattle trucks i have to sufer on a daily basis on my local route the number 18 including comments that cattle trucks are vastly inferrior to a routemaster in every way supprise suprise it didnt get published and im sure im not the only one im sure people must have written in about the kenjestion charge,the oylimpics and the costs of etc etc and not had them published