Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boris v Livingstone

The battle had already started with the clumsy attempts by Livingstone's team to smear Boris Johnson before he had even won the race to be the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

But now it is official and Londoners have a real choice, between the hypocritical, bitter and divisive reactionary who taints our capital city by inviting terrorist sympathisers and human rights abusing left wing friends to visit; and an intelligent and capable man who will be accountable, careful with taxpayers' money, work tirelessly for ALL Londoners and champion the city and its people here and abroad.

Vote for BORIS JOHNSON for Mayor of London.


Mountjoy said...

Ken Livingstone is one of the most disastrous things that has happened to London in a long time. His congestion charge, as well as a lot of other ill thought out policies, have not helped London to develop to its full potential. Yes, it is a successful city but it is one that is blighted by a number of problems that Red Ken is incapable, ideologically, of tackling.

That is why London needs a man like Boris Johnson, who has won 79% of the Conservative primary for London mayor, and who appeals to people across the political spectrum. He has added some excitement to politics in London and only he can beat Livingstone.

Boris is a brilliant man with a remarkable ancestry, including his great grandfather Turkish politician Ali Kemal and he is also descended on one side of his family from the Fawcetts, as outlined in Andrew Gimson’s book on Boris. He is just what London needs to turn back the tide of 10 years of Labour and about the same length of time of Ken.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to David Cameron

OPEN LETTER to David Cameron... from Steve Pope (editor: The Voice), Michael Eboda (editor: New Nation), Lord Herman Ouseley, and Professor Chris Mullard.

Dear David Cameron ,

Re: Boris Johnson MP

As Boris Johnson is now the official Conservative candidate for the forthcoming elections for the Mayor of London, we write to request that you clearly dissociate yourself personally and your party from his offensive comments that are an inescapable barrier between your party and the black communities in this country.

You will be aware that there has been much discussion and a growing level of serious concern expressed within London’s Caribbean and African communities in relation to this series of offensive statements made by Mr Johnson.

Since he declared his candidacy, the Conservative Party has remained silent on this matter but there is now no reason for you not to clearly dissociate your party from his statements as he is now your official candidate.

Taken together, the series of statements he has made constitute an alarming and consistent trend. The issue goes beyond the London election – it strikes at the heart of the Conservative party’s stated claim to be open to all.

We believe it is no longer credible for such comments to remain without a clear statement from your party – officially – that you reject his language and the statements he has made. For example, Mr Johnson has referred in his own articles to black people as ‘piccaninnies’ and Africans as having ‘water melon smiles’.

He was also quoted by the Observer to have said, whilst in Uganda: ‘Right, let's go and look at some more piccaninnies.’ He has written of Africa that ‘the problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more’; has described South Africa under Nelson Mandela as the ‘majority tyranny of black rule’; and he has written in relation to African people that ‘left to their own devices, the natives would rely on nothing but the instant carbohydrate gratification of the plantain’.

London is a multicultural city with positive, vibrant and dynamic black communities. We would expect that all parties reject the kind of language used by Mr Johnson.

As you know, Mr Johnson has also written that the Stephen Lawrence inquiry was 'Ceaucescu-ish' ‘hysteria’, with the ‘whiff of a witch-hunt’, and described it as ‘Orwellian’ – comments that have led to him being criticised strongly by Doreen Lawrence, Stephen’s mother.

The Conservative party must confront the serious implications of choosing a candidate with such a track record to lead the most diverse city in Europe. As leader of that party so far you have failed publicly to challenge, acknowledge and recognise the offensive nature of these comments.

We do not accept the claim of Mr Johnson’s supporters that this pattern of repeated language is in some way amusing or ironic; there is no context in which such language can be justified. On the contrary, we believe these statements, along with Mr Johnson’s failure to acknowledge the offensive character of what he has said, raise profound questions about the Conservative party’s relationship with London’s black communities.

All London’s political parties need to ensure that they are unequivocal in their opposition to racism, including the Conservatives. We call on you to now address these issues by stating clearly and without equivocation that there is no place in the

Conservative party for the terms used by Mr Johnson in relation to black people, and that you firmly dissociate yourself and the Conservative party from the language that Mr Johnson has used and the comments he has made.

Yours, Lord Herman Ouseley, Michael Eboda, Editor New Nation, Steve Pope, Editor, The Voice, Prof Chris Mullard, Focus Consultancy Ltd

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Boris, i hope he can follow through and win the day, then perhaps he will be able to repair some of the damage done by Ken, with rwgard to Mr Popes comments, i do not condone willfully causing offence to others, but it does seem these days that offence is taken far to easily, i have lived quite a long life and in that time have been called practically everything, and no doubt have done the same to others, but fortunately i have had the sense to rise above it and not try to change the world because of a few mindless words, to be honest i am more offended by the actions of people like Ken who patronise all types of groups, and pander to minorities for what i can only assume is his own agenda. I would rather have a man that speaks his mind, even if i disagree with him, because then i know where i stand.

Boris 4 London said...

Oh look, BLINK are running the Boris slurs again. So offensive are the Tories, Brent's first Afro-Carribean Mayor, Councillor Bertha Joseph, who represents Kensal Green, has defected to the Tories today.

She said -
“I have decided to cross the floor and join the Conservative Group on Brent Council because I became frustrated with the inaction of the Labour Group in Brent. They are not addressing the recent spate of murders and shootings in Kensal Green through a structured intervention programme and through new measures. They have also failed to address the poor representation of BME staff at the highest level of the Council by initiating a positive action programme. I have joined the Conservative Party as I feel that it is the natural thing to do because of David Cameron’s views and attitudes towards youth and crime. During his leadership he has embraced our multicultural society in a way that I have not seen projected by the Labour Party.”

So much for racism.

Dom Fisher said...

Might be worth posting on the Lee Jasper financial black hole.

Novlangue said...

Boris. Amusing, yes. Capable? You must be joking.

Just being against the ghastly Red Ken (and his Indian billionaires) is not enough.

Still, too late now.

Anonymous said...

"Now it is official and Londoners have a real choice, between the hypocritical, bitter and divisive reactionary who taints our capital city by inviting terrorist sympathisers and human rights abusing left wing friends to visit"

As your friend Croydonian used to hang around with Apartheid goons in the IFF in the 1980s this is a rather rich observation!