Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eric Ollerenshaw for London?

The Telegraph's Spy diary column says Eric Ollerenshaw, the non-A listed Hackney councillor who was somehow considered "local" in the Eltham selection process, is planning to run for the Tory candidacy for Mayor.

The closing date for applications is tomorrow, and Celia Walden says that her source told her, "Eric's a straight-talking former deputy head who represents a gritty patch of inner London... He's not a Cameron clone or part of the Chelsea set. What's more, after years of taking on Ken in the assembly, he understands his opponent."


Scipio said...

I'd sooner crawl stark naked across a field of broken glass than see Ken Livingston get in as Mayor of London again!

Serf said...

Scipio. Your support has been noted, and you have been added to the blogroll.