Thursday, March 01, 2007

All hail Ken and open your wallets

The planned strike by London Underground has been called off after a deal was reached for a three year pay deal. Comrade Ken has been quick to celebrate the news and revealed that:

'This three-year agreement is great news for both Tube passengers and staff and is a real landmark achievement. Passengers will benefit from the stability provided by the first three-year deal for all staff in the history of the Underground. Staff will receive above inflation pay rises each year. At the same time, we will be investing record amounts in renewing the Tube.

'Whilst there will always be differences from time to time, my administration is committed to developing a partnership between the trade unions and management to deliver the best possible services to Londoners. This agreement is a good example of what that approach can achieve.'

It most certainly is. Never underestimate what can be achieved when you pledge other peoples' money to pay for those above inflation pay rises. The brothers flex their muscle to blackmail and Ken picks your pockets to give them what they want. It's a wonderful world when you scratch the backs of those who scratch yours.

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London Salmon said...

They may hate each other personally, but Ken and Bob Crow always know which side of the fench they sit on. When it comes to raping the taxpayer, they know what they're doing.