Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sickening hypocrisy

From the BBC:

Mayor Ken Livingstone has formally apologised for London's role in the slave trade.

He called on Prime Minister Tony Blair to follow suit by issuing an official apology on behalf of the country.

"The government's refusal of such an apology is squalid," he said, on the eve of the bicentenary of legislation to abolish the slave trade.

Mr Livingstone urged fellow Londoners to join him in apologising for this "monstrous crime."

This is absolutely pathetic. If Ken Livingstone was so guilt-ridden about slavery why has he waited until now, years after his election, to issue his apology? This is nothing more than a publicity seeking stunt by a man who apologises for something no one alive today had any involvement in or control over.

Meanwhile Livingstone lauds Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Castro runs a regime that rejects democracy, jails political opponents and reporters who tell the truth, and clamps down on trade unions. Chavez tells public workers to support him or leave the country, sanctions beatings and intimidation of unions who oppose his style of government and allies himself with Iran, a country which has called for an entire country to be wiped out (Israel). By their friend ye shall know them.

The squalid one is Livingstone who is displaying hypocrisy of the worst kind. He wraps himself in the blanket of suffrage and tells the population to wear sackcloth and ashes, while supporting and promoting a man in Cuba who is still enslaving an entire country and another who commits human rights violations in Venezuela.

Yet despite his warped idea of what real freedom entails, he has the temerity to demand the government join with him in his egotistical taxpayer funded guilt trip. Livingstone is behaving like a chiselling little egomaniac who appears to do nothing unless there could be a possible electoral advantage in it for him.

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Not Ken's Friend said...

I'd be a lot more impressed if Livingstone apologised to Londoners for some of the deadful things he has said and done over the years. Im particular when are we going to hear him apologise to the Jewish community for his blatant anti semitism?