Monday, October 02, 2006

Beating Up the Weak

One of those things that sets politicians with principles apart from those without, is that they do not use their elevated position to make life difficult for weak opponents.

Men like Livingstone however, revel in the power that they have.

Back in June, with that beacon of democracy Hugo Chavez in London, he took the opportunity to make derogatory public remarks about a Venezuelan Blogger. The blogger tried to sue the Mayor, who of course has legions of lawyers, paid for by Londoners. Realising that he was not going to win, he withdrew from the case. Ever since Ken Livingstone has continue to repeat his criticism, safe in the knowledge that his position allows him to do so.

The fact that a man with responsibility for London, should spend so much time trying to make a political opponent's life miserable, just illustrates what a vindictive little bugger he is.


Suttonian said...

No comment on Ken getting away with his anti-semitic "joke"?


Anonymous said...

SF Champion said...

Goodbye Ken. Hello Simon