Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Green Credentials

Mr Livingston likes to shout about his green credentials. He has changed his mind over the tax formerly known as the congestion charge, and now proclaims it an environmental levy. So it will come as no surprise that he has exempted this electric car, from the congestion charge, it fits with his new found religion.

Unfortunately, the car is a complete environmental fraud, if we take the take into account the charging and power transmision loss, as well as the full life-cycle CO2 emission of power generation, as this calculation shows:
That means, making 18.8KWh of electricity releases 18.8Kg of CO2 into the athmosphere, leading to the startling fact that the G-Wiz chucks out 138g CO2 / km.

On the other hand, a Ford Focus 1.6D creates 127g CO2 / km.

Our esteemed Mayor is not the only one to be taken in by the myth of this car, but it fits very neatly into his view of the world. Claim to be doing everything for a good reason, and leave the facts out of it.


Alan said...

I made a typo (and rounding error) when writing the article. It should read:

That means, making 18.8KWh of electricity releases 8.86Kg of CO2 into the athmosphere.

This does not effect the final answer of 138 g CO2 / km. The calculation is correct, it's just my typing skills :)

pat said...

Not seeing the bigger picture:

a) if you sign up to a Green electricity supply, your emissions will literally be zero, regarldless how much you charge the battery.
b) The G-Wiz is apparently a 'carbon neutral' produced car.
c) Its efficiency will still be the same in 5 years, whereas your petrol guzzling Ford will become less and less so.