Thursday, October 26, 2006

James Whale

Whilst the Conservative party is still trying to lure Nick Ferrari, UKIP have got themselves a Radio Personality candidate.
Radio presenter James Whale could become the UK Independence Party's candidate for London mayor in 2008.
So it could be the newt lover versus the whale.


John East said...

I joined UKIP on the strength of a 3 hour programme with Roger Knapman as the guest, hosted by the Whale last week, so I'm naturally a bit biased towards these two.

My big worry is that Whale regularly broadcasts ideas such as the sterilisation of all male babies, only to be reversed in maturity if they prove their worth to society. Of course, this is a joke and was always intended as such, but my worry is that it will open him up to ridicule.

Webaster said...

James has said that he does not want to lose his radio show and also that he does not want to be held down by one party. For the latest news visit

Colin said...

God help us and save us from this ignorant and arrogant p****

Colin said...

God help us and save us from this bombastic, ignorant and arrogant p****