Friday, June 16, 2006

Bob Neill asks a sneaky question!

Bob Neill has put down a sneaky question to Ken asking whether he,
"plans to meet with the newly elected President of Peru, Alan Garcia?"
Should be interesting to see the answer, after all Garcia is a populist left-winger (most famous for destroying Peru's economy with 1000% hyper-inflation in the 1980s) so you'd expect Ken to be falling over himself to meet him.

There is one slight problem though. Whilst Garcia remains a left-wing socialist, he also publicly attacked Ken's other best friend in Latin America, the populist dictator Hugo Chavez. During the election campaign Garcia called Chavez "a little dictator with money". In another interview he said,
"There have been dictators without money in the Americas. This one had it easy because he has $70 billion a year just from petroleum"
Garcia may be a left wing loony, but's he 100% on the money about Chavez. Whatever will Ken do? Support Garcia and annoy Chavez? or support Chavez and snub Peru? Such a bind!

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