Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Livingstone let off from new anti-Semitism charge

Amazingly, Livingstone has got away with a fresh charge of anti-Semitism in a report by the GLA. Back in March, he told Jewish brothers David and Simon Reuben to "go back to Iran and try their luck with the ayatollahs". Apparently this wasn't anti-Semitism, and Ken "had good reason to be strongly critical of his understanding of the Reuben brothers' conduct, and that his criticism, whilst robust, was reasonable in the circumstances." So that clears that up then.

If anyone is upset with anything any of us ever say about Ken on this blog we think we have good reason to be strongly critical of Ken because of our understanding of his conduct, and our criticism, whilst robust, is reasonable in the circumstances..


Serf said...

They claim there was no malice in the comment. Ken Livingstone is malice, and the comment he made was dripping with self important malice.

What a repulsive person he is.

Croydonian said...

Apparently it wasn't 'racist' either. Can any of us imagine quite how Livingstone and his amen corner would react to a 'why don't you go home?' type comment directed to any of the minority groups he is sucking up to?

Chris Berryman said...

I just hope the Tories (starting with the open primary) election will choose someone able to kick Ken out!!

UK Daily Pundit said...

Just one complaint about this post. Stop referring to him as Ken. It makes him sound like a normal human being. Livingstone would suffice. He winds me up and I don't live anywhere near London. The man's a blurt.