Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More opportunism from Ken

"If anyone threatens public confidence in the Met it is those who are running the open campaign in the right-wing press against the police commissioner,"
Errr... it's the right wing press that has supported the Met's action when dealing with the very difficult issue of terrorism. The right wing press are the ones that understand that sometimes tough decisions lead to unfortunate tragedy but tough decisions still need to be taken.

Unlike Ken, the right wing press does not use the tragedy of July 7th for politically opportunistic comments.


Croydonian said...

Must be tough being KL, having to defend the Boys in Blue, but then doubtless he realises that he is very unlikely to get another commissioner, erm - how shall I put this? - quite so sympatique. Looks like the left's long march through the institutions came good for KL, if not the rest of us.

Serf said...

Ian Blair is Ken's Soul mate, more interested in lefty ideas than crime. No wonder Ken supports him.

Croydonian said...

High time we got to elect police chiefs, I reckon.