Thursday, July 20, 2006

1,100 habitable rooms per Hectare

The Borough of Haringey has voted to approve a new planning system.
The UDP will shape planning decisions made in Haringey until 2016 and, in its present state, could see new homes packed in to the borough at two to three times the current density.
The people of the borough are up in arms and the councillors are none to happy either. So why did they vote for it?
Haringey Council had to approve the UDP on Monday, or risk being led by Ken Livingstone's London Plan, which is much more general and could invite even higher rates of development in Haringey.
Because to do otherwise would have invited London's own Caudillo to force his plans on them. Democracy, don't you just love it.


beethoven writes said...

if we have a mayor's office, why do we need councils as well?

Serf said...

I am a great believer in subsidiarity, the idea that decisions should be taken as close to the individual as possible.

I see no reason why London's major should be forcing development plans on councils unless there is an overiding reason.

Normally in Ken's case the reason is his ego.