Tuesday, July 25, 2006

As predicted in May, the congestion charge will cover Greater London

Back in May I posted about Ken Livingstone's plans to start congestion charging for the entire Greater london area - that is to say within the M25. Today this plan became official policy when Livingstone announced that his "Low Emmission Zone" plan would begin in 2008, when he would start charging lorries, buses and coaches that fail to meet a minimum pollution standard if they drive within Greater London.

As I also mentioned, such a scheme is going to have a significant impact on public services such a private school bus companies as they will need to spend thousands on their vehicle fleets. Additionally many haulage companies may have to stop operating in the capital completely as it will no longer be commercially viable to do so.


Serf said...

The man is infuriating. He has latched on to the idea that his tax on vehicles can be rebranded as an environmental measure and is pushing it for all he is worth.

Why won't someone stand up to him?

Anonymous said...

I hope he makes this an election pledge, it will help us get rid of him!

John East said...

serf makes a good point. surely the population of Greater London isn't made up of 7.5 million socialist control freaks and eco-warriors.

Maybe a good campaign slogan for the next Tory mayoral candidate might be, "Londoners, stand up. You have nothing to lose but your chains."

Anonymous said...

So why is London just putting up with it?

How do we get rid of him and his congestion charging?