Monday, July 24, 2006

Propaganda on the Rates

A good post on Conservative Home, highlighting what we have mentioned here before.
You can hardly go to the cinema in London without one of the Mayor's propaganda ads appearing. The Londoner newspaper contains pro-Ken publicity alongside practical information about life in the capital. The Conservative Party should be exposing this political use of council taxpayers' money and investigating who is benefiting from the contracts for these ads.
Commenter Phil Taylor adds an extra dimension:
The Mayor's freesheet The Londoner will cost £2,857,488 in the current financial year (see post). This is not the whole story though as this budget is net cost not gross cost. Every issue carries 4 pages of full page display ads from bodies in the GLA family. They have no choice about these ads and in effect it means that the Londoner costs more like £4-5 million.
No wonder Ken likes dictators and Caudillos so much. He has so much in common with them.

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Anonymous said...

Livingstone is on the Nick Ferrari show this week Ithink tomorrow can someone try and ask him this question about the cost of his propoganda