Thursday, May 25, 2006

Are They Mad?

London TravelWatch that is.
Brian Cooke, chairman of London TravelWatch, said: "We believe that if we are to achieve a fully integrated transport network in London, the mayor should have more responsibility for rail in London - and we think that the mayor's rail powers should be extended beyond the Greater London Authority boundary, into more natural 'rail geography'.

Not only do they want Red Ken to have power over the Railways in London, they also want him to expand his empire outside the capital.

Sorry Forgive my ignorance, London TravelWatch is not an independent organisation.

London TravelWatch is independent of the transport operators. We are sponsored and funded by the London Assembly, which is part of the Greater London Authority. The Assembly also appoints the members of London TravelWatch, who are supported by professional staff who carry out much of the day-to-day work.
So the news should read:

Ken Livingstone's colleagues, think Ken Livingstone should have more power, which they will then be able to wield on his behalf.


Grimer said...

Great blog. I'm glad I'm not the only on that despises this c*nt.

Have you brought it to the attention of the Evening Standard?

Hopefully, your blog will help raise awareness of this lunatics despotic ideas.

Apparently, he said that Chairman Mao is his biggest hero on a visit to China. The man is an embarrasment and a liability to London.

dizzy said...

Unless the serf has been rapidly emailing Associated Newspapers we've brougth it to there attention yet.

Croydonian said...

This is a pitch for a land grab to force the Network Rail to install Oyster readers et al at their stations.

dizzy said...

you're right on that Croydian, no doubt about it. But as you know where you are, the lines run to Brighton and he;s not going to get Oyster's all the way down there, or up towards Bedford, or Aylesbury so it's not actually going to solve Ken's "problem" it;s just gonna move it further out.

Serf said...

Not brought to the attention of any media yet. The plan is to build a following first.

The media is unlikely to be interested in us until we can either:
1) Launch new stories,
2) Boast huge numbers of fans.

So if you can help with either, it will be great.

Croydonian said...

I was told by yesterday that KL plans to prevent rail companies using the London termini unless they go along with the Oyster scheme. I have no idea where my mate got the story from, and it could well be a load. Although it sounds very Livingstone to me.

Dizzy - just think of the 'fun' if various other municipalities near London decided to cook up similar schemes and then inflict them on the public / rail companies. I offer you Lobster cards in Guildford, Clam cards in Chelmsford, Whelk cards in Brighton etc etc.

dizzy said...

hah "Lobster Card" - genius!