Monday, May 22, 2006

More lies from Livingstone

Three years ago, Comrade Ken made a "pledge" in his manifesto that Londoners would not see any rise in the congestion charge from it's then £5 tarriff for 10 years.

Since then the congestion charge has risen to £8, and a couple of weeks ago Ken told the annual State of London debate that it was "very likely" it will rise to £10 by 2008.

What will he lie about next?

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Political Teenager said...

I still cant believe the extortionate tube price rises in January. They changed overnight an i was conned out of £3 to travel 2 stops.

He has to keep rising prices of everything to pay for all the people travelling for free on the tubes (children under 11) and on the buses (all children under 18 come September)

Lets not forget the increasing percentage of our council tax that he helps himself to.

I agree - Anyone But Ken