Monday, May 29, 2006

Ken's Competition

The Independent is reporting that Mark Oaten might be considering a tilt at Red Ken's job.
Mark Oaten's burgeoning media career has led to speculation that he's planning one of the biggest comebacks since Lazarus. Lib Dem colleagues reckon the "fallen" MP - as protocol requires him to be described - is preparing for a tilt at Ken Livingstone's job.
I know that Ken has set the bar extremely Low, but surely the Lib Dems can find a better candidate than that. Mind you, Mr Oaten is allegedly more interested in being humiliated than in humiliating others. So I guess even he would be an improvement.


Croydonian said...

Why is it that every carpet bagger and his/her dog thinks that they can run for this office?

Serf said...

Probably because they have seen that it doesn't take anything more than a big mouth to win it.

Anonymous said...

If he is the best competition then we should all be looking forward to a third term for Ken. oh joy.
high amount of scarcasm

dizzy said...

Oaten could be a blessing in disguise for the Tories electoral chances if they pick the right candidate.