Sunday, May 28, 2006

Our Ostrich Mayor

During the past year Barnet Council has pursued a policy to remove road humps on the basis that they cause of congestion and - more importantly - they cause driver aggravation leading to accidents.

In a report by Transport for London (TfL) it was shown that road accidents had fallen by 14.9% in the first six months of last year, compared to just 8.8% across the rest of the capital. Barnet also achieved a 40% reduction in road accidents four years ahead of a Government target.

When the Mayor was questioned by the Chair of the London Assembly, Brian Coleman about this issue, and the fact that removing (rather than increasing) road humps had produced significantly better results, Livingstone simply ignored the evidence before him and rambled on about how because everyone in London was using roadhumps, Barnet should use them too.

What exactly does it take to make this man admit he might actually be wrong? His own statistics have shown that Barnet have succeeded by not following his route, why does he stick his head in the sand?

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