Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You WILL use Oyster

In a further attempt to force the travelling public to use Ken's oyster cards, ticket offices across the Underground network have had their opening times slashed, and the public has seen fares for paper tickets soar.

According to our sources, Ken has directed TfL and Underground managers, that they must make it harder for the public to purchase tickets, in order to force them onto oyster.

However it's those on the shop floor that feel the brunt of the customers' anger when they can't buy a ticket. Not only this, the ticket office times have to be strictly adhered to, with local managers being penalised for either having their ticket offices opening too early, or staying open later.

Even the commuter train operators are now being forced to take on the oyster equipment, else they face a potential threat to their franchise renewal.

When it comes transport, London is Ken's playground, and he's the school bully. Whether you're a londoner, a tourist or a business you will do everything he dictates.


Gavin Ayling said...

I might be alone, but I may not -- what is the problem with the oyster card? I assume it's privacy?

Serf said...

I think the problem is the methods.

Ken regards the little people as unimportant and to be trodden on if necessary. Typically socialist.

dizzy said...

the problem with Oyster is one of choice. Ken has removed the ability to "buy a ticket" (even from a machine). You ahve to get an oyster card and there are minimum amounts you have to put on it even if you don't want one.

Croydonian said...

What irks me beyond measure is the spin that Oyster is cheaper than conventional tickets - but only because the price of normal single tickets have been cranked up to ridiculous levels.

Fortunately I can make do with one day passes etc in my neck of the woods....