Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Friend of Thugs

Ken Livingstone has an uncanny knack for choosing the worng kind of friends.

The latest is Hugo.
Ken Livingstone has ventured another judgment on international politics: Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, is “a beacon of democracy and social progress in the Latin America”.
To which one has to ask exactly how does Mr Livingstone define those things. Unfortunately rabid rightwingers have been criticising Chavez:
“Chávez’s visit has been met with absurd claims from right-wing activists that he is some kind of dictator,” Livingstone fulminates.
As is usual in the situations, Red Ken points to the election victories and claims his critics are all right wingers:
Among the nefarious right-wingers whom Livingstone castigates are, presumably, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. “By broadening laws that punish disrespect for government authorities, the Venezuelan Government has flouted international human rights principles that protect free expression,” says HRW. In alleging that human rights campaigners are inciting turmoil, Señor Chávez has, says Amnesty, “exposed human rights defenders to serious dangers”.
Accepting their criticisms wouldn't fit Red Kens extremist agenda.

By his choice of friends, Ken is making London look stupid in the eyes of the world.

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