Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Support For Prezza

When you boast the talents of Ken Livingstone, I guess John Prescott must seem like a silver tongued, sophisticated genius. So of course you will jump to his aid.
Mr Livingstone argued that the underlying issue is class prejudice. "I think so much of the criticism of John Prescott has actually been related to his class. Very few of the people at the top of media or politics now speak like ordinary people," he said.
He is still lost in class warfare. This is why we would be so lucky to be shot of him. He hates people because of their class. He also buys into the ridiculous idea that there is something working class about Two Jags.

To a relatively sentient being whose mind has not been frazzled by Marxism, Prezza is a clear case of an incompetent, lazy parasite long past his sell by date. But then Ken can't accept that can he, it would create a dangerous precedent.

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