Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Caring Mayor

Red Ken like all snivelling lefties loves to wear his artificial heart on his sleeve. He has publicly supported an Amnesty International campaign promoting refugee rights.
Mayor Ken Livingstone, who also features in the campaign, said: "London has always provided a haven for those fleeing from persecution and repression. Generations of refugees have enriched the life of this city.
Very good you say, I should hope so too. The problem is that the man only supports the rights of some people. For example one of the aims of the campaign is women's rights. Artist Tracey Emin:
"I have decided to support the stop violence against women campaign and feel passionately about it because I'm a woman"
Which no doubt Ken would pay lip service to until it came time to meet his friends whose views differed. It should also be pointed out that his South American friends are lacking somewhat on this issue.

But never mind, in Ken's mind the human rights issue is not about people, its all about poisonous Ken's own little battles.

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