Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Water insanity - Part III

As I mentioned this morning, the inquiry began today into the de-salination plant in Beckton. The Mayor is vehemently opposed to this citing environmental grounds and that Thames Water should solve their leaks problems instead. Tomorrow, he will reportedly say,
During the 51 days in which Thames Water have prevented Londoners from using a hosepipe at a penalty of a £1000 fine, Thames will themsleves have wasted nearly 50 billion litres of water
It's certainly true that Thames Water leaks masses of water per day which is outrageous and should be addressed. However, does Red Ken have the credibilty - nah, moral authority - to start preaching about unnecessary fines on Londoners? After all, this is the man who's budgets have created record Council Tax increases across the capital (nearly 50% over 4 year in some areas); has increased bus and tube fares so we are now the most expensive capital city in the world to travel in; and is now proposing to increase the congestion charge even more after breaking earlier promises about how he wouldn't.

There is of course one much more important reason why Ken's opposition to the de-salination plant is nonsense. The building of it is, was and remains a fundamental part of the successful 2012 Olympic bid which he supported. The plant is a requirement in ordre to provide guaranteed fresh drinking water to the Olympic village and other facilities.

I imagine that if there wasn't a hosepipe ban and talk of stand-pipes Ken wouldn't be opposing this at all. That should tell you all you need to know about his so-called principles.

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