Friday, May 26, 2006

How much was that China trip?

The true cost of Ken's trip to China - the one where he justified the "Cultural Revolution" and the killing of 10's of millions people - is as yet unknown. Apparently the Mayor's office is still calculating the exact cost. What I can say is that the known expenditure for the trip currently stands at over £400,000. Yes, you did read that right, thus far we know that Ken spent close to half a million of OUR money visiting China and praising a regime that is guilty of murdering millions of people.

Part of that money - £227,375 to be precise - was paid to the PR agency Freud Communications. This it seems included organising a Girls Aloud concert in Shanghai, a truly brilliant use of the London taxpayers money to be sure! For anyone who's not read The Little Red Book (why not?!) Freud Communications are one of those New Labour "preferred bidders" type companies. The Mayor's office also spent over £120,000 of our money on hotels and other travel expenses.

It's little surprise our Council Tax rises are through the roof when we have to fund Mayoral jaunts and pop concerts in oppressive regimes around the world.

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