Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GLA Tory Leader banned from City Hall

Not only did our illustrious London Mayor entertain a Communist dictator yesterday but he also made sure that the leader of the Conservative Party on the GLA was refused entry to City Hall. Bob Neill, along with a number of Venzuelan dissidents, were refused entry to City Hall on security grounds.

Unsuprisingly, the left wing press have a headline which says the Tories boycotted the event, reality is not mentioned until paragraph six.

So - to summurise - the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, is banning elected political opponents from entering City Hall, whilst he entertains political oppressors from Latin America. How poetic.

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DickDastardly said...

He has to go. It is possible that London could have seen such high velocity price rises in the Capital and massive wastage of money since Ken came on board. Get rid of the whole assembly and just get a Transport Minister as we used to have.