Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sir Iain Blair

Prior to the teror attacks last July, and the efficient slaying by the police of a complete innocent, the Metropolitan police commissioner was best known as a complete waste of space who cared more for diversity quotas than for crime. Since then we have known him as the lying snivelling idiot whose force made a tragic mistake, and he was too stupid to hold his hands up and say sorry.

Now the police are against him:
Sir Ian Blair, was under growing pressure yesterday as the leader of London's 24,000 beat officers announced they had no confidence in him.
But never mind that the public and the police have no confidence in him, he does have one supporter.
Lee Jasper, a quality spokesman for Ken Livingstone, said: "Sir Ian Blair is doing a first-class job as commissioner."
But then Ken's idea of a first class job might not correspond with ours.

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Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten this is the same idiot who came on television and criticised another police force for arresting a real terrorist and claimed they put their officers at risk by not shooting to kill.
And is it not strange that in the initial panic - after the police realised they could not blame Jean for carrying a broomstick or being a reporter in a mini - when everyone was blaming everyone else, including the surveillance team blaming the hit squad, that they seem to have made it up and closed ranks.
The thickest and most perverted police force is Cambridgeshire but even they get reprimanded when they run their vehicles into nurses or what have you. Though you can get away with driving youths to their deaths in a stolen car in Norfolk.
The police have never been safer since they became state troopers but Blair and his ilk must still long for the good old days of the SPGs when you could murder a teacher and get away with it - ironic, but wasn't that teacher's name BLAIR Peach.............!